Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

Skincare has always been the least favorite part of my daily routine. Why? Because for most of my life it has been largely ineffective. I tried ProActive first, and it left my skin dull and scarred, though admittedly pimple free. Then I started on the Cinque 3 Step skincare regimen, and combined with the Clarisonic Mia, it worked beautifully. However, my skin still wasn't quite where I wanted it to be.

After having tested this product for about two weeks, I can say that, for my skin at least, this worked just as good, if not better, than the Clarisonic Mia for improving the overall quality of my skin. Combined with my Clinique products.this has created my perfect evening skincare routine.

The first thing I noticed about the St. Ives Apricot Scrub was that it was cheap -- a fraction of the price of my Clarisonic Mia. But it was an exfoliator like my beloved Clarisonic, so at roughly $4 USD, I figured I had nothing to lose trying it out out while I saved up for Mia 2.

So I started using it every night to help remove my face makeup and give my skin a boost. I was shocked at the results.

This is me on a down day, so I know I look a bit shabby, lol. But more importantly, this is an unedited picture of my skin with NO makeup. Trust me when I tell you, my skin has NEVER looked like this. Not with Clinique. Not with my Clarisonic. Not with anything I've ever tried. It's clearer, it's brighter, it finally has that glow that everyone seems to want but that few people actually achieve.

And I got all of that for $4.

Seriously, why are you still reading? If you haven't done so already, get out there and head to your local drugstore and check this out! But before you run to the sink and give it a shot, I have a few tips for optimal results:

1. If you have sensitive skin, BE CAREFUL! You probably won't be able to use it every single night like I do (my skin is pretty tough and not the least bit sensitive). Try using it three times a week or so.

2. Scrub gently. The beads in this scrub are very strong and will do most of the work for you. You do not have to rub this into your face very hard or very long -- 30 seconds to a minute will do.

That's it! Very easy and simple. The price point is so low for this product it's at least worth a shot, right? There are also other formulations if blemishes are not a skin issue for you.

What is your go-to skincare product for beautiful, glowing skin?

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