Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer and Mineral Veil

Aftenoon, lovelies! Today I'm continuing my Bare Minerals series with two reviews, one on the original Prime Time Foundation Primer and one on the Mineral Veil. I decided to review these products together because they work together to serve the same purpose -- to improve the longevity and finish of your makeup. Both of these are included in the Flawless Complexion Kit that Bare :Minerals offers. I highly recommend that kit if you want all of the products I've been reviewing over the last few days at an affordable price.

Let's start with the primer, shall we?

If you've ever used or heard about the texture and finish of the Smashbox primer, this is very similar. It's a clear gel that has a silicone feel on the skin. It blends extremely well and disappears into the skin, as a good primer should. Since this is the original formula, it does not give a dewy finish to your skin or the makeup you apply after it, which is great for me, because my skin leans more oily than dry and I don't need any extra shine.

I like that a teeny tiny amount is all that's needed -- with just about every Bare Minerals product I've tried so far, less is definitely more. I apply a pea sized (literally, pea sized) amount to my fingers, warm it up a little in my hands, and gently rub it all over my face. Very quick and easy, with the minimal amount of product being used so that one tube will last you a long while.

So how did this do in terms of lasting power? My foundation lasts 6-8 hours without my having to touch up too much, which for my oily skin is very good. After that, the makeup still does not fade, it just cakes up slightly as the oil on my skin tries to eat through it. This is easily fixed by gently blotting with a tissue, which returns my face to near perfection. Needless to say, this primer is excellent, and I'll be using it in replacement of my Rimmel primer from now on (though I do recommend that one as well). 

You're probably wondering where the Mineral Veil factors into this equation. What does it do? Is it even necessary? Depending on your skin type and what you want your makeup to look like, I would argue that this is a crucial step in any girl's makeup routine, whether you use Bare Minerals foundation or not. 

As you can see, the Mineral Veil looks very pale, like a foundation made for light skin. For all my dark skinned sisters out there, this goes on completely sheer, so don't worry! It does not give even the slightest ashen or washed out appearance, and disappears into the skin as promised. If the color concerns you, however, there is a tinted version available as well.

Now, what exactly does this thing do? A couple of things -- it provides a finishing touch to your makeup, evening it out and blending it for a flawless finish. But it also works with your primer to make your makeup last longer, providing one last barrier against the oil that so desperately wants to leak from my skin throughout the day. I also find that this powder miraculously manages to give me a semi-dewy finish without making me grease up. This is FABULOUS for me because I love the concept and look of dewy foundations, but can never wear them because they're too moisturizing for my skin. To get this look and feel from what essentially is a blotting powder is a dream come true. Even before I became a full on Bare Minerals convert, I was using this mineral veil over my tinted moisturizers because I loved the finish and the lasting power it gave my makeup.

The Mineral Veil retails for $20 USD, and the Prime Time primer retails for $23 USD, so they're pretty affordable for a high end brand products. If you never buy another product from Bare Minerals, I highly recommend using these two at the beginning and end of your makeup routine. They truly do amazing things for your overall look and help give that glow that we're all looking for.

Have you already tried either of these products, or something like them? If so, what did you think? How much prep do you think your skin needs before and after applying your foundation?

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