Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: Bare Minerals Matte Foundation SPF 15

If you know me, or know anything about my makeup tastes, you know I'm a liquid foundation girl. The longer lasting and more heavy the coverage, the better for me, hence my love for my dear sweet MAC Pro Longwear.

However, while liquid foundations generally don't irritate my skin or break me out, there's a certain...heavy feel required to get the effect that I want. And after a long day of school and work, the last thing I want to do is spend 15 minutes removing a hard to take off foundation that is stuck to, and uncomfortable on, my skin. Powder foundations were nice, but they often didn't last, or took too long to apply, or worst of all, got very cakey by the end of the day.

Enter Bare Minerals. I've wanted this foundation for YEARS -- I'm talking back in the day when you could only get it on late night infomercials. I'd heard great things, and while my parents and I were at the mall the other day, I decided to pay a visit to their store. My face was done by a lovely associate, and I was color matched. I ended up with the entire Flawless Complexion Starter Kit, which includes the Matte foundation (for me at least, because my skin is so oily the normal formula wouldn't have been good for me), a blush, three brushes, a brightening concealer, and the mineral veil. In addition to all of this, I picked up a lip gloss to complete my look, which is my lame excuse for being a sucker for all lip products. xD

I will be reviewing everything that came in the kit, but since it would take far too long to put all of that info in one post, I decided to split it up and do them one at a time, starting with the most talked about product, which is the foundation itself.

As I said before this is the Matte version, not the regular, which is for drier skin and would give a more dewy finish. My shade is Warm Tan, and it's a PERFECT match for my skin tone, it's nice and warm without making me look super red.

When the sales associate applied it for the first time at the store, I remember thinking it looked great, but wasn't giving me the coverage I was used to. If you like heavy foundation that provides lots of coverage for dark marks and acne, this may not be for you. You can get medium coverage, as you'll see later in the post, but it takes a little extra work.

Despite not being as full coverage as I would have expected or wanted, this did give me a beautiful matte finish that was not flat and did not emphasize my few dry patches. I could go on and on about how pretty it looked and how it did give that classic Bare Minerals finish you see in the ads, but why not judge for yourself?

Not  bad, right? This is a totally unedited photo, though it is admittedly taken in very good lighting.

With all the tools that came in my Flawless Complexion kit, I figured I would have no problem quickly replicating this look at home.Well, that's where the problems started...I got a nice look, but I really wasn't getting any coverage at first. It was just too darn natural looking for my tastes. However, not quick to give up and lose out on all the money spent on the kit, I decided to turn to the beauty community for help in this matter. I stumbled on a beautiful and talented girl named Shelby who works for Bare Minerals and had some application suggestions that were super helpful. Here is the video I used:

In case you don't feel like watching, the gist of it was that I needed to put tiny amounts of product in the cap and really work on buffing those small amounts into the skin to make it cover more and last longer. Then I needed to repeat that 2-3 times for full coverage. Is it a wee bit time consuming? Yes. But once you get used to it, it goes by quickly. And the results, in my opinion, are worth it. As you'll be able to see here:

Darn near close to flawless. Once I learned how to properly apply this, I was off and running. It feels very light on the skin, almost like I'm not wearing anything at all, and my skin finally has room to breathe and heal. It does grease up after about 6 hours, but a little setting powder fixes that pretty quickly, and my kit came with one in the form of the mineral veil.

My final verdict: This is as great a foundation as the advertisements have said. If you're like me and looking for something lighter to give your skin a break from heavy makeup, or if you're looking to slowly switch to all natural products, this is the way to go.

By itself, the foundation retails for $27 USD, and you can find it at any Bare Minerals store, Sephora, or Macy's, Nordstrom, QVC, and of course their website, bareminerals.com.

Have you tried any Bare Minerals products? If so, what did you think?


  1. Its good to get a great match which can be difficult with some brands. I like full coverage too whether I need it or not I like flawless looking skin. I love my MAC Pro Long Wear too so I am interested in swatching this product.

    have a great weekend :)

  2. I used to use Bare Minerals - ordered from those infomercials, ha! Haven't used anything from them in a while though, since there's so much out there that I haven't tried yet. I did love it though. It made my skin look super flawless, and mineral veil was my favorite!


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