Monday, March 31, 2014

Review: Bare Minerals Blush in Aubergine

Hello, dears! I'm back with another Bare Minerals review! This time we'll be looking at their loose mineral blush in the shade Aubergine.

While I was being shade matched for my matte foundation, the MUA asked if I wanted to try out a blush. Being a huge blush fan and wanting a nice deeper pink to add to my collection, I said yes. I loved this color because it was so pigmented and gorgeous, a deep raspberry plum pink with shimmer. This is perfect for wearing on top of my foundation because it adds a dewy effect to my makeup without making me grease up by the end of the day.

SUPER pigmented, right? A light hand is needed with this. I use the same buffing motion that is required for the Bare Minerals foundation, and layer it twice to get the effect I want, which looks something like this:


Once blended, this looks very natural. The downside? It doesn't last...a few hours in, and this blush is usually gone. This means I have to apply more product that I'm normally comfortable with so that as it fades, a small remnant of the color will be left on my cheeks at the 6 hour mark. In terms of staying power, it can't hold a candle to blushes I own that are in the same price range, such as my NARS blushes. But the effect is lovely, if admittedly short lived, and with a little work and layering, you can make it last most of the day. It's not the first blush I'd recommend to a friend, but I think this would be great for younger girls who are starting out with makeup and need something light and healthy for their skin.

You can find this blush, as well as the rest of the Bare Minerals line, at bareminerals.com, Sephora, QVC, Bare Minerals kiosks and stores, and anywhere else Bare Minerals/Escentuals (same thing, I swear) products are sold. Here in the US, it retails for $19.

What's your go-to springtime blush color?

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  1. Yikes, I do not go for things that don't last. I have tried a few things from this line and they were okay.



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