Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Off-Topic Tuesdays: My New iPhone 5s

Hello lovlies! Hope you're not too hungover from your St. Patty's Day festivities, lol. Today I'm going waaaaaay off topic and briefly discussing the iPhone 5s, which I just got for a great deal at my AT&T store.

It's a gold 16 GB phone, and I absolutely love it! Please note that I'm not a techie, and therefore do not know the specifications beyond that. xD But it's a gorgeous phone, lightning fast compared to my ancient iPhone 4. I'm still learning all the new features, and having loads of fun using Siri!

And look! A monogramed wallpaper!

Also, went to H&R Block and got my taxes done. Can't wait to spend my refund money on -- what else? Makeup!!! Let me know in the comments what products you recommend or want to see reviewed in the upcoming weeks. Have a great day!

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