Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: Maybelline the Falsies Flared Mascara

I've been meaning to do a review of this for a long time. Maybelline is my favorite brand for mascara, and of the few mascaras I have in my collection, this one is my favorite drugstore one.

The Falsies line includes several different types of mascara, and I've seen many of them reviewed by other bloggers, but this one seems to remain slightly under the radar. It's not as popular as its sisters for some reason, and as a result doesn't get the love it deserves. It retails for around $8.99 at my CVS, but pricing varies depending on where you are and what drugstore you shop at.

The brush, as you can see, dips slightly in the middle and has LOTS of bristles. Great for separation and getting every lash. What I love about this mascara is that it really lives up to its claim -- it does give that gorgeous flared effect to your lashes, and that's my favorite way to wear my makeup. 

Here are the before and afters -- the top is my lashes with no mascara, the bottom is my lashes with one coat of Maybelline the Falsies Flared.

You'll notice that there is some clumping, but nothing so serious that it couldn't be combed out with a lash comb or brushed through with a second coat of mascara. You can clearly see the flared effect as well, meaning that the lashes are smaller at the inner corner and flare out as you get to the outer corner.

This has been my go-to everyday mascara for about a year now, and my makeup collection never feels quite right without it. Maybelline really outdid themselves with this little gem, and I know I'll be repurchasing (again) whenever I run out.

What's your favorite Maybelline mascara?


  1. You know my favorite ;). I have the Falsies in the Everlasting version. I like it, but I hate the small fibers getting into my eyes. It hurts! Lol.

    1. I haven't heard of the Everlasting one, I might have to give it a try and see what I think! And of course I'm going to try your favorite in the red tube as well. :)

  2. Seems like a promising product! Great review:)

    I'm a new follower, I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin, hope you can follow back too^^

    Belle Epoque

    1. Welcome, Lia! Thanks so much for following, I'll definitely check out your blog. :)

  3. I love this mascara but initially I hated it because of the clumps. I just learned I have to be patient while using it! Lol! It's second to my Maxfactor False Lash Effect though. That one is a gem. :D

    1. I wish I could try Maxfactor, unfortunately it's not available in the US anymore. :( Maybe I'll try ordering it online so I can get in some of the action!

  4. I used this for a while but at first I wasn't keen on the brush size as my eyelashes are quite long I usually try to add volume, I am currently using Rimmel London "Sacandal eyes" which has quite a thick brush, you should definatley try! :)

    Follow for a follow? Just saw your blog on a "blog hop"

  5. Hi there, Eleanor! Thanks so much for following and for commenting! I'll definitely pick up that Rimmel mascara when I have some extra money. :)

    I checked out your blog and I love it, following you now on Bloglovin'. :)


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