Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guest Post: Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette Review

Hey there everyone!
I am so excited to be doing my first ever guest blog post and sharing it with you guys!

Whoop Whoop!

Firstly, I would like to say a big **THANK YOU** to Jackie for letting my guest post on her awesome blog! :)

Since I am living in the UK, I thought it would be a great idea to do a review on a British Make Up Brand, but still accessable to people within the USA and other places. So I have chosen Sleep Make Up and the product that I will be reviewing from them, is their Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette (shade Light 373).

Let's get started! :)

I will start off with the packing. The packaging of this product is very, well, sleek! It does give it a sophisticated feel for their brand. I really like it! It's also quite thin so it can easily fit in your make up bag or fit in nicely into your make up collection.

It comfortably and equally fits in 3 pressed powders and the colours look really good and pigmented, they don't disappoint!

Now this is also a new type of product for me because I never contour my face properly. I never use a bronzer to contour as I always think that it's not necessary and also scared of my ability to do it wrong! But through watching some YouTube beauty videos, I kind of get the jist of how to contour and in the right places.

Below are the swatches of the product in natural sunlight.

As you can see, they have really good colour pay off! I also like how there is no fall out of powder when using it with your chosen brush. One irritating thing is when you have to deal with messy products. But not with this one :)

Below are photos of my bare face with just a light layer of foundation.

Below are the photos of a whole contoured face (well, my best attempt at contouring!).
I highlighted the middle of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose and my chin. I used the bronzer by my jawline, temples and sides of forehead. Tried to do that 3 motion method! And, of course, I used the blusher for the apples of my cheeks.

As applying the product to my face, I found that it was really easy to work with and blends in so nicely into the skin. I noticed that it really gives a warm look to my face and adds minor definition. The product also looks really natural on my skin and not cakey. It is so convenient that all 3 products are in one palette. Saves space and time having it all in one, rather than looking around for different products to use.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice contouring trio! Even if you are a beginner at make up or just want to add to your current collection - this will do great! The packaging is small and strong quality. Colour pay off is very good and blends in so well onto the skin. What more can you ask for? :)

The pricing of this product is reasonably priced as you do get 3 products in one. Product is good quality to! I bought this for £9.99 at Superdrug. (link "superdrug" with address http://www.superdrug.com/sleek/sleek-face-contour-kit-light/invt/436251)

If you would like to look at the official UK Sleek Make up website then you can click on this link here:

Unfortunately, I cannot find their main website for the USA one (I don't think it exists anymore), but you can purchase their products off eBay sellers - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sleek-Make-Up-Makeup-Ultimate-Highlight-Face-Powder-Form-Contour-Kit-Light-/171029782987?pt=US_Makeup_Face&hash=item27d22b61cb
That is the link for the item and it's priced for $19.99.

Hope you all found this review helpful for in case you were deciding whether or not to buy this product :)
Thank you once again to Jackie! It was nice being here, thank you for having me!
Lily :) x


  1. Wow this is a great guest post, Lily! Thank you for the review on this product :) convinced in getting this when I go to the UK next year!
    Thanks Jackie! ArtisticallyCurious.blogspot.com

  2. I love Sleek products, and I wish they were more available to US residents.

  3. Great colors they look very soft and natural on you. Good job on the post :)

  4. Well, you could always buy on ebay but I guess it might be a little more expensive that way x

  5. Yup, it's marked up a bit on Ebay and Amazon. :/

  6. This product looks great. I haven't tried sleek yet.

  7. Hey girl! I tagged you in the Beauty Blogger tag! :)

    Check the link below to see the rules xx


  8. I really wanted to try this contor palette since I know sleek makes great products. However its not avaiable in Canada in stores and after looking at shipping its literally more than the price of the product. Not sure if its worth it (and the wait since I have to wait nearly 2 weeks to get it). Either way great post and hopefully one day i get to buy this product on ground.


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