Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm on YouTube!!!!!

I finally took the plunge and made a YouTube account. Please subscribe, videos will be coming shortly!



  1. Hi Jackie!

    Thank you for the awesome comment on my blog. Keep up the good work ^^

    Keep in touch.

    Zara (Bows and Pearls)

  2. Hi! Welcome to YT! I have a channel too, but you can check that out if you want. Don't want to spam you. Just wanted to say welcome, and I subbed to your channel and watched your first video. You're adorable, and your voice is really nice. I think people will really enjoy watching and listening to you, including me :).

  3. Found your blog through the Meet me on the bright side blog hop! New follower:)

    I also sub'd to you on youtube! I am also new to youtube as well! :)


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