Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Concealer Comparison: Milani Secret Cover vs. CoverGirl + Olay Concealer Balm

left to right: Milani Secret Cover, CoverGirl + Olay concealer balm

I LOVE the concept of stick concealers. I've seen beauty gurus use them on YouTube, and they always seemed so convenient. But it's hard for me to find stick concealers that match my skin tone. So hard, in fact, that I had to go online to find my first one, Milani Secret Cover. I chose shade number 03 Dark, but don't let the name fool you. It's a caramel colored concealer that isn't terribly dark considering it's name. However, it works well for my skin tone because I'm just a shade or two darker than caramel myself, so caramel shades work well as undereye concealers for me. This one can cover my dark circles, but it takes a decent amount of layering to do so. I can get the same (or better) effect from my MAC Studio Finish concealer with a lot less product. However for the price (a little less than $5 at Walmart), it could be worth the extra effort if you're trying to save a buck.

Top: Milani Secret Cover
Bottom: CoverGirl + Olay

In terms of guesswork with shading, I think I struck out on my CoverGirl choice. I picked this up at my local CVS for about $7 and was so trilled they had a concealer dark enough for women of color that I got one that was TOO dark. I got this in shade 360 medium/deep, but there's nothing medium about it. If I blend it well, it does fine covering dark marks on my cheeks, but it doesn't do much for my dark circles. I'll probably end up giving it to a friend of mine who has a darker skin tone. The texture is lovely and it really does feel like a concealer balm, rather than the often drying, paste-like feel that many concealers tend to have.

I would recommend either of these concealers to a budget conscious shopper who wants to save a few dollars. They're both convenient, come with a decent amount of product, and last all day when applied. Just make sure you find the right color for you!

What's your favorite concealer? Do you have a harder time finding a good shade match in concealers, or in your foundation?

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