Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sephora Collection: The Cinderella Storylook Palette

Of all the things I received or bought for myself for Christmas, this was the one I was initially the most excited about.

I am a HUGE Disney fan, and the idea of a Cinderella-themed palette thrilled me to pieces. When my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I immediately thought of this, and thankfully she was kind enough to get it for me.

As you can see, the outside is gorgeous, with gold leaf, Cinderella's silhouette, and lots of pretty little pictures with memories from the classic film. The actual eyeshadows are also reminiscent of the iconic movie, with names straight from the fairy tale.

Some of the names include Fairy Godmother, Jaq, Chateau, and Pumpkin Coach.

Here's the kicker, though. I usually like Sephora brand eyeshadows. They're affordable for high end and generally tend to be well pigmented. I even have their huge blockbuster palette from 2011. However, this palette turned out to be a little disappointing. The colors aren't nearly as pigmented as they appear in the pan. The more vibrant blues that you would expect to really show up don't perform all that well. And all the colors I've tried so far have massive fallout. Some colors are great and with a good primer or a base, so you CAN work with these colors. But if you're expecting crazy-vibrant MAC-quality color, you're going to be let down in a big way.

Overall, I'm glad I got this palette, and will certainly try to get as much use out of it as I can. As a Disney fan, I NEEDED this in my collection and I hope Sephora makes more Disney Princess inspired palettes (Princess Jasmine, pretty please?). But if you're not looking into this as a collector's item and just want excellent shadows, I'd skip it and pick something else.

You can find the Cinderella Storylook palette at Sephora stores and on sephora.com for $55 USD.


  1. Great overview! I'm a huge disney fanatic myself, and I'm hoping Sephora will make some more of these princess-themed palettes. :)
    xx lilstephh.blogspot.ca

    1. THanks, Steph! Nice to meet a fellow Disney fanatic. :)

  2. Hey I've found your blog via the blog hop and I'm now following you. The colours look so pretty, I'm a disney fan too. Its a shame that I can't get it in the UK, xoxo.


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