Saturday, January 12, 2013

MAC Lipstick in Chic

One of my mini-resolutions for 2013 was to expand my MAC lipstick collection. I love the color variety and different finishes! I hope that by the end of this year I have many more than the 3 I currently own.

Chic is the newest in my tiny collection. It looks plummy in the picture above, but as you'll see in the swatch and the picture of it on my lips that will follow, it is actually a frosty pink. 

The finish is, as you'd expect, a frost, and I rather like it. It doesn't give the overdone discoball affect that some frost lipsticks do. It's not terribly long lasting, or incredibly pigmented. But it's a beautiful everyday shade of pink for darker skin tones, or a nice pop of color for lighter skinned girls. 

Here's how it looks on me, with no lipliner or other products underneath.

So far, I love it as much as my other MAC lipsticks, and I'm glad I found an everyday pink that works for me.This will get a lot of wear from me in the spring.

What is your favorite MAC lipstick? How many do you have in your collection?


  1. The colour looks gorgeous on you, it really suits you! My favorite so far is Creme d'nude, xoxo.

  2. I love the two MAC lipsticks I own. I have the FNO 2012 lipstick and Speak Louder.


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