Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Favorite Palette of 2012: LORAC Unzipped Palette

Hello, lovelies!

Before buying this palette, I read reviews on other blogs, watched YouTube videos, looked at every swatch and photograph I could find in all different kinds of lighting, hoping to get the clearest view possible of what I might be purchasing. I have so many neutral palettes, and if I was going to get another one, I knew it had to be unique. Finally, I went to Sephora to do my Christmas shopping, and got to see it in person. The moment I saw these 10 rose stoned shades, I KNEW this palette was nothing like the other gazillion neutral palettes I own, and that it had to come home with me. So I shelled out my $40, which was reasonalbe for the number of shades I was getting, and rushed home to give it a try.


I've been using this for two weeks or so and have tried every shade, and I must say this is my all-time favorite palette of the year! How can this be, when I have used the Naked 2, the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, and so many others? Simply because this palette is a whole new take on neutrals. It's not just boring taupes and browns. Almost every color has a rose undertone, and the shades are all rich and complex, not just one straight color. There's a sunset pink, a pale pink highlight, a mauve, a plum, a champagne, a deep gorgeous brown with red shimmer, a gold, a bronze. There are even 4 matte shades to give some depth and dimension to your eye look.

Lorac may not have been unique in its decision to make yet another neutral palette, but it was unique in its shade choices and formulation. The shades all feel buttery, super well pigmented and easy to apply and blend. It even comes with a sample primer (which I have yet to try). For $40, it's a good deal for a high-end product. If you're looking for just one neutral palette out of the many options available right now, this one just might be your best bet.

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