Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sigma F80 Brush

I've been looking to expand my brush collection, and no set of brushes comes more highly recommended than Sigma! I haven't bought their full set yet, but I thought I'd start by picking up products that are exclusive to their company, rather than copies of high end brushes. The Sigma F80 is marketed as a foundation brush, and according to their site, can be used for "buffed foundation application" and "application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks." Since using my fingers tends to make my foundation look cakey, and my foundation brush didn't give me a very natural looking application, I thought this might be worth a try.

The brush retails for $16, which isn't too bad considering it's somewhere between high end and low end. Any face brush from MAC is going to run you at least twice that amount. The bristles are incredibly soft. No other brush in my collection is as soft as this one.  But what really makes this brush stand out, and makes it apply foundation so well, is that those bristles are very, very dense. This allows the brush to work sort of like a stippling brush -- I stipple on the product, then buff it into the skin. But because this brush has so many more bristles than a stippling brush, it gives my foundation medium to full coverage without my having to use much product.

This brush also gives the most natural looking finish on my foundation that I have ever had. I can get a medium to full coverage look, which I need with my dark marks and acne, without like I have on a ton of makeup. It also blends my makeup quickly and easily, so it doesn't take nearly as long to apply my foundation. I've tried this with both cream and liquid formulas, and it works great no matter what product I'm using.

As for caring for the brush, it hasn't shed once since I've purchased it. I've heard from other reviewers that cleaning is a pain because it takes longer than most brushes to dry, but I haven't washed mine yet, so I can't comment! Also, this brush doesn't absorb your foundation like some lower end brushes do (I'm looking at you, Essence of Beauty!). It sits on top, like it's supposed to, so that you get the product on your face and not stuck on your brush where it's not helping anyone. 

I was surprised at how much I liked this. I've heard good things about Sigma brushes, but I really didn't expect any of them to become an HG product for me. This one definitely is! If you never buy anything else from Sigma, this brush is worth the investment.

What's your favorite way to apply foundation? What techniques or products have worked best for you?

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  1. Just got my F80 brush in the mail today, so excited to try it out!!!




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