Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Quad in Mirror, Mirror

Back again with another review! This is the first CG quad I've bought in years. I have to admit I felt a little nostalgic, since the first eyeshadows I ever bought as a teenager were from Cover Girl. I wanted to see if the color payoff and quality were the same as I remembered, and for the most part, they are!

I got this for $6.29 at CVS. Unfortunately, there aren't names for the individual colors, so I'm just going to quickly describe and review them starting from the one on the far left and moving right!

I bought the quad primarily for the first color, the blue shade. It looked gorgeous and bright in the pan, but still wearable for a daytime look. A lot of blues are either too bright or too chalky when paired with my skin tone, but this had enough of a grey undertone to make it work! It wasn't as pigmented as I had hoped it would be, it took a few swipes to get an even amount of color on my lid, and on my hand for the swatches that you'll see in a minute.

The second color, the dark grey, actually isn't grey at all. It's a gorgeous, pigmented silvery blue that works wonderfully as a crease color. I was pleasantly surprised at how unique it was -- at first glance, this quad just looks like one blue with a bunch of dull greys. Not so once you try wearing them!

The third and fourth shades are very similar, both bright silvery greys that are nice and shimmery. Both make excellent lid or highlight colors depending on your skin tone.

Here are the swatches, in the same order as they appear in the above picture of the quad. Under flash, you can really see the shimmer and multiple undertones in each color!

And finally, here are all the colors on my lid in a look I wore to work.

I used the third color on about two thirds of my lid, and the blue color on my outer corner. The second color, the dark blue/silver, is in my crease and the lightest color, the fourth one, is on the brow bone as a highlight.It all added up to natural looking blue smokey eye that complimented my brown eyes and really popped behind my glasses in a way neutral shadows can't. As always, I wore my Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath, and didn't experience any creasing or fading after wearing this for around 6 hours.

The colors are a little sheer for my personal taste, it took a bit longer to build them up than it does for high end shadows. But for the price, I was surprised by the uniqueness of the colors and how beautifully they all worked together. I'll definitely try out more CG shadows in the future!


  1. Although the colours are quite sheer, I love the shades - they are lovely!
    After trying a Covergirl quad recently, I am definitely going to start looking at picking up more! xx

  2. @Sharleena: Awesome! I really didn't expect to like them, but they're not half bad! I'm going to pick up a few more myself once they go on sale.


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